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Garage Brunch Locations In The UK

Did you know there are various garage brunch locations around the UK?

We love Garage music so much that we've expanded outside of London.

Check out our list of current locations we host at below!

Garage Brunch London - The Best UK Garage Brunch London has to offer!

Garage Brunch London is our main hub of Garage Brunch UK and we've even won the London Lifestyle Awards to show for it.

London is a big place with many garage lovers. We can only match this energy by hosting as many Garage Brunches here as we can whilst maintaining the same on-brand quality every time.

Garage Brunch London happens every week or so (sometimes even more) featuring the biggest UKG artists on our party playlists.

The majority of these take place in a secret location - to be revealed right before the event to keep you on your toes.

Enjoy bottomless drinks and a 2-course meal to recoup your energy as you take part in our various activities and games.

And Did Somebody Mention A Summer Garage Boat Party?

That's right!

Throughout the Summer heatwaves, we host Garage parties in London - on a boat!

It's the perfect way to take your UK Garage experience to the next level.

This Garage party takes place on the famous Dutch Master Party Boat where you will drift along the Thames River, dancing away to your favourite Garage tunes whilst enjoying the breathtaking views of London.

Whether it's on a boat or at a secret location, be sure to book your tickets in advance as our London brunches are some of the hottest events all year round that sell out quickly!

Book your tickets here now.

Garage Brunch Essex

Edging a little to the top right-hand side, we reach Essex!

Our Garage Brunch events in Essex are held in a secret Brentwood location that is only revealed to those who sign up for the event, making it a truly exclusive experience!

We host these brunches around twice a month regularly thanks to our loyal Garage fans in Essex.

Options are available for full brunch tickets as well as the choice of party-only tickets.

So, whether you're a local or just popping in, Garage Brunch Essex is definitely worth checking out too!

Garage Brunch Hertfordshire

Next stop is Hertfordshire, taking place at Lounge 72. Enjoy our modern-day brunch

with our signature bottomless cocktails package, accompanied by great food!

Garage Brunch Kent

On to Kent.

Although events here are not as held as frequently as the other locations, Kent is still a contender for one of the hottest brunch events you'll get to experience.

Taking place at the Aura Nightclub, we're sure to blow you away, so make sure to drop by to kickstart your weekend with us!

Tickets start from only £9.99 so if you're on a tight budget but still looking for an unforgettable party experience with your friends, be sure to book your tickets now!

Garage Brunch Wiltshire

Enjoy a fun bottomless brunch, this time in Wiltshire!

Once again, tickets start from the amazingly low price of £9.99, taking place at the Boom Battle Bar in Swindon.

Enjoy the classic Garage Bingo games such as garage mastermind and our infamous garage bingo.

And don't forget the food and drinks, featuring an hour of bottomless drinks and 2-course meal.

Garage Brunch Manchester

Who could forget Manchester? From time to time, we host our brunches in Manchester for one boomin' day party.

So, if you're in the Manchester area, be sure to stay on the lookout for ourupcoming events to avoid missing out on a great brunch experience!

We're Going To Ibiza!

We love it here in the UK, but did you know that we also host our Garage Brunches in the party central of Ibiza?

Taking place every Friday from May to October.

So, if you're planning a trip to Ibiza, come visit us for our notorious Garage Brunch skank off whilst indulging in our bottomless beers and bubbles!

We Hope To See You At One Of Our Garage Brunch Locations!

Whilst London and Essex are our hotspots, we put the same amount of love into all our various locations around the UK in hopes to revive the UK Garage scene even more.

If you're a fan of UK Garage or thinking of getting into it more, be sure to check out our next events to avoid missing out. Wherever you go, expect legendary guests and an amazing lineup of the best Garage DJs we have to offer.

It's time to revive UK Garage baby!

Get your Garage Brunch tickets here today.

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